Welcome to the video production studio!

Everything you can imagine – is real
  • We offer technical and creative solutions that meet the requirements and wishes of the client

    The result of our work – a satisfied customer

  • Short films and clips

    We shoot short films and clips for weddings, corporate occasions and various events for children and adults.

    Promotional videos

    We help businesses in creating promotional videos, which will spare you from the consequences of ineffective marketing, and bring potential customers to your product or brand, thus increasing your sales.

    Music videos

    We create premium-class music videos, which is can be shown even on top music channels. We are pleased to easily find a solution that is right for you. Creative environment – that is our environment.

    TV shows and series

    We create TV shows, TV programs and TV series in any format and genre. Our productions fully meet your requirements and are designed for your target audience.

Welcome to the creative video studio!

IMG_7275 The Cinemer company’s activity is based on freelance projects. We offer alternative solutions for enterprises, creative personalities, film companies and television stations. Instead of being burdened with additional work for your staff in a large workload, you can hire our team to carry out the necessary video footage and concentrate on your main tasks.
Cinemer’s Video Service will contract video services to its target markets. Services are not only limited to Estonia, we are able to travel around the world. Our main goal is to contract our services to anyone who may need an event video taped.

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