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Business / Corporate Video


Video clip or commercial to create a positive image of your brand or to increase sales of a particular product.


Brand’s screensaver precedes any of your video, stylistically highlighting among the others and making it recognizable from the very first seconds of viewing.

Corporate film

A short film about your company. It will introduce your current as well as potential customers and employees to the company’s history, its achievements and the mission.

Promo video

Short advertising or informational video that presents the company or products and services offered by it.

Video salesman / manager

The Video-manager knows everything about your product and knows how to intrigue the potential buyers. An indispensable tool that works 24 hours a day.

Corporate/Staff party

Are you planning a party? We will be pleased to help you decorate your team’s story, capturing the best moments of the celebration.


Are you selling a difficult product? Is it necessary to train new employees? Step-by-step video instructions to make the complex simple and understandable.

Educational film

Are you conducting seminars or courses? Are thinking about creating your own video tutorials? We produce educational videos that will become your assistants both online and offline.


Video of celebrations and events

Professional filming of celebrations and events with the participation of one, two or more operators (the possibility of broadcasting onto projection screens as well as on the Internet) Depending on your needs and preferences, we offer as a finished product assembled story, promo-video and archived video. We film various events:










Family event

New Year

Greeting Video


Wedding Video

Wedding Package "Standard"

The package included filming for a whole day (10 hours) with a single operator, and video editing. You get an edited video clip with music (up to 2 minutes) as well as film-chronicle (1.5 hours)

Wedding Package "Premium"

The package includes shooting for a whole day (10 hours) with the participation of the cinematographer, as well as the second operator, and video editing. Two-camera filming provides for showing the same event from different angles. Special attention is paid to a playful way of shooting and staged scenes with the newlyweds. You get an edited video with music (up to 5 minutes) + creative film-chronicle (40 minutes).

Love Story

A staged plot, which recreates the story of the relationship on the basis of your own stories or stories proposed by screenwriter. Shooting involves one or two operators + video editing (up to 5 minutes) with music.

Official Wedding

The service includes shooting of the official ceremony (indoors or outside) with a single operator, and video editing.

Church Ceremony

The service includes shooting of the church ceremony with a single operator, and video editing.

Wedding Anniversary

Depending on your preferences, we are ready to offer staged shooting in a playful manner, or archive video of the wedding anniversary.


Video for kids

We can help you keep the best memories of the brightest and the most significant events in your child’s life capturing it on video, which will be the pride and jewel of the family archive. We shoot:




School-leaving celebration

Kindergarten graduation

First grade

School Graduation



Music video

Creativity is our thing! Cinemer team will make a cool music video for you, which can adequately present you in the online environment and on top music channels. We are engaged in the studio and outdoor shooting, equip location, and provide costumes and props.

Blogging / Vlogging

Do you dream of becoming a popular vloger? Do you want to permanently produce colorful and original videos? We will be happy to assist with the implementation of your ideas!

Animation film creation

We offer any kind of animation, whether similar to our habitual reality or the most unlike it. Each cartoon is a new world that we create ourselves, inventing characters, locations, and of course a story that will revive all this.

Video with your plot

Do you have an idea for a video, but something is missing to complete it? We are open for cooperation! Cinemer is the place, where the collaboration of creative people, knowledge and technical capacity makes dreams come true.

Feature films

Cinemer creates short films. Playful and non-playful, dynamic and calm, frivolous or with a deep philosophical insight … but always with love for our work, never leaving the audience indifferent.


TV / Internet

Program /production

Cinemer creates programs on a variety of topics, cooperating with various media resources of the Baltic countries. We offer news, cultural, educational, scientific, entertainment and sports programs for various age groups.


Cinemer team is always up to date with the latest trends in the entertainment industry to offer a product that will retain the attention of your audience and help you win new audiences. We are ready to propose the creation of entertainment comedy show, show competition involving the audience’s participation, talk shows and much more.

Documentary films

Cinemer works with the production of feature-length documentaries on different topics. We offer: video – restoration of historical events, the creation of biographical, research, and educational films.

The series

We provide complete production of the television series, taking into account the characteristics of your target audience. Our screen writing team is ready to offer for your consideration exciting and action-packed stories.



Radio advertising

We offers high-quality studio recording of audio advertising with professional speakers. We find the right words and highlight key points as to be heard by your target audience.

Corporate anthem

We create a memorable music theme, which proclaim the mission, ambition and dedication of your company. We offer: the original text and music designed for your brand, professional arranging, mixing and mastering. Corporate anthem is perfect not only for special occasions and presentations, but also to accompany the advertising video, corporate films and radio advertising.

Gift song

Do you want to express your feelings? Are you looking for an unusual way to please a loved one, the future life partner? We can create a text based on your personal relationships / stories from your life and find a suitable musical embodiment of it, depending on your preferences and expectations.


Do you need an original music piece for a particular task, be it is a feature film or a commercial video? We offer services of composers as well as professional arranging, mixing and mastering.

Dubbing: sounds and noises

We offer high-quality recording of everything that can make sounds. In workshops of Cinemer we extract and record sounds with which you can create the mood, an unusual atmosphere and even tell the whole story.

Postproduction: voices

Our speakers voice computer games, animations, as well as feature films. Our range includes male and female, adults and children, dramatic and comedic voices. We can also offer a multiple-voiced dubbing – translation of foreign videos.

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